1. Lowefx's Avatar
    Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem? I did search and found nothing. I have .103 and noticed all text sms and mms will not send. I get a "X" next to them How do i fix or is it an OS problem?
    Also i cannot forward and pictures that get sent to me, when i forward the pictures go to a grey screen.

    Thanks for any help
    02-17-09 10:43 AM
  2. Lowefx's Avatar
    Anyone????? Please!!!!!
    02-17-09 11:12 AM
  3. widdlewade's Avatar
    kitchen sink approach...
    1) go to options-> advanced options-> host routing table...go to the menu register now
    2)dialing *228 then option 1
    3)resend your servce books.
    02-17-09 11:30 AM
  4. Lowefx's Avatar
    i did it, it only worked for one text, then i get the red X again.
    02-17-09 02:02 PM