1. mkraft3003's Avatar
    Wanted to pass on my experience. I am a very heavy email user (about 80 per day). I so wanted this device to work as I have been a Blackberry user since the 950 days. I have and will always own a blackberry. I have used it non stop since Friday morning and just returned it. First, the battery life is horrible for heavy use. It was fully charged last night and as of this afternoon with about 30 minutes of phone use and 30-40 emails the battery was down to 30% (no web surfing or other apps open). Second, the typing was not conducive for a heavy user. I tried the paper trick which was a huge improvement and have been trying to adopt since Friday. However, I found I was not as fast as I was on the Curve and my thumbs would ache from having to lift them off each key before pressing the next. The scrolling and swipe gesture was amazing. Mine did have some lag, but would be improved with an OS update. Overall, the device would be great for occasional email but will not work for my use. I know others love their devices and that is exactly why blackberry makes different devices (for different uses). Before anyone flames this is just one users experience from a longtime blackberry user. Will be happy to answer any questions.
    11-25-08 07:06 PM
  2. beachfront71's Avatar

    I wanted this thing to work out for me and got up early to stand in line in the blistering 60 degree California winter..

    But I could not handle the emailing ..

    I get around 60 a day and it was tough and slow to even reply with a yes or no answer..

    The phone is great, but I needed something that could out perform my 8830 with regards to emails and text...there is no way this one can do it...
    11-25-08 07:13 PM
  3. BestBuyMobileManager's Avatar
    I am also getting the poor battery life issues.

    My 8330 Curve would last for almost two days of use while my 9350 doesn't always even last until the end of one day.

    I was lucky and didn't get a blackberry with a defective touch screen so I can't comment on the typing aspect except to say that I am not as heavy a user as you are but do not get the finger fatigue like you mentioned.
    11-25-08 07:17 PM
  4. hpropper's Avatar
    Agreed. Definitely no comparison to my 8830 and how fast I can type on it. I've also been trying to adopt since I picked it up on Friday. Got it hooked up on my corp BES on Monday to run it through it's paces and have certainly not been as proficient typing on it as I have been on the 8830. I've switched back and forth between the sure type and the landscape keyboards and seem to be doing better on the landscape. Have also experienced the poor battery life issue. Am going to give it through the holiday weekend so as to not make a hasty decision as it really is cool device. Just need to decide which functionality is more important to me as a heavy corp email user.
    11-25-08 07:26 PM