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    Hi all,

    I have the 9530 w/ Verizon.

    From what I've experienced personally, heat generation directly relates to battery life on my Storm. On some releases I've had very little heat generated during idle times, but as an example on the last .141 release I noticed that during all idle and operating times my Storm was putting out a significant amount of heat.

    This is obviously relating to some portions of it being used. At first I thought it might be an application that got stuck trying to use the GPS function, but after deleting all GPS-related applications and disabling GPS (e911 only) I still had the heat generation. This assumption was based on using Verizon's Navigator, which will cause my Storm to burn like the sun itself, especially if I have it plugged into the charger in my car while traveling.

    At the same time, my battery life was extremely poor and I could count on my Blackberry dying within 6-8 hours of idle use (a couple calls, texts, etc.). I let my battery die completely a few times and then charged it to full to see if that would help, but it did not.

    I am now using the lyrical's Hybrid 141 which uses the radio from 132 so I will give my reports on that within a few days. It would make sense if the radio function was for some reason using a lot of power (whether from a fault of mine during upgrade or something else) and thus degrading the life of the battery very quickly.

    Does this conclusion make sense? If you've experienced poor battery life has your device also been putting out a lot of heat? So far during idle use my Storm is putting out much less heat with the 132 radio so I think that was my problem, but we'll see.
    05-18-09 05:26 PM
  2. phatsk8311's Avatar
    I have honestly never noticed a difference in battery life between different OS's or noticed my phone giving off an excessive amount of heat except after long period of use. Despite that, the corrolation you are noticing between battery life and the amount of heat given off makes perfect sense. The amount of heat given off, as you can guess, increases based on the amount of engery being used during a given time. This generally relates to the number of processes running that require higher levels of computing, more processes running period, or more physical devices (such as the radio during a call or download) that are drawing the power. If you are on a long call, you are using the radio to transmit and receive a voice call for that entire period of time, which uses far more power than if you are on standby waiting for an incoming call. The same I would imaging would be true if you are downloading large files or using streaming software, such as Pandora radio. It's just like with a laptop. If you have the laptop on sitting idol on the Windows desktop with no extra software running, your battery life will last longer than if you are streaming audio/videio, downloading a game, or rendering a video file. I can't tell you which OS's do better on batter life, nor can I tell you which programs drain the battery more than others. All I can say is that your logic makes sense.
    05-18-09 05:51 PM
  3. elydoug's Avatar
    The only difference I noticed going from .132 to .141/5.0 lyricidal was that my battery died after 6 hours and my Storm was very warm no matter which apps were running. When I switched back to .132, battery life increased and heat issue disappeared. I have noticed no difference in performance between the two OS's. I think I sometimes the jump to the latest OS just to have the newest and shiniest but sometimes don't even notice a performance change. Such is the case here.
    05-18-09 09:11 PM
  4. techitrucker's Avatar
    Heat has always been and issue with all three Storms I have owned and the two my kid has had. Mine is plugged in most of the time so I can't tell you how battery is but I can tell you that it only seems to get hot when plugged in and that eventually I will have to reboot because of it. It will get so hot, it is uncomfortable to hold but after reboot, it will stay cool. I don't know for sure but it appears that RIM uses software to control the rate of charge and when to turn charging on and off since none of the phones I have owned seem to start charging until it gets below 3/4 even when I try to just get a top off charge before going somewhere away from power, so maybe its a problem with the software used to regulate that. This seems to be the same no matter which OS I have tried, though it was least pronounced in .113.
    05-18-09 10:42 PM