1. sriyegna's Avatar

    Im looking to buy a pair of headphones to listen to while going on the bus everyday with my storm2... The only problem is, i have a 60 dollar budget (after taxes) and i need it with a microphone built in.

    Do you have any suggestions?

    P.S. If your going to browse through local stores, i live near Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    Thanks for your help!
    08-23-10 11:07 AM
  2. bighap's Avatar
    Wired or bluetooth?
    08-23-10 02:28 PM
  3. JosephRuff's Avatar
    Woodees iESW100B They are really nice and pretty inexpensive headphone.com has them for $59 shipped and also have a mic. I am sure though with a little searching you could find them cheaper.

    as for a bluetooth set i'd recommend the

    Motorola S7-HD I've had the s9-hd and the s305, while the s9's did well in canceling outside sounds passively, I found them to hurt my ears after prolonged use. However the S305's were amazing but the S7's using a simlar form factor were the best and gave the most immersive sound. Both the S7's and the S305's can be had for less than $40.

    I hope this helps.
    08-23-10 04:04 PM
  4. sriyegna's Avatar
    Sorry i didnt specify but tbh, either works as long as there is no interference and i dont like poor quality sound either, thats why wired would work better, but if you can find a good quality bluetooth, im in!

    @ Joseph, Thanks for the suggestions, really helped out, so far im thinking about the woodees, the motorola does look sick although its too big, was kinda looking for in ear headphones.

    Keep the suggestions coming if possible

    08-23-10 05:26 PM
  5. Jaji_vzw8330's Avatar
    OEM earphones no good?
    08-23-10 05:57 PM
  6. sriyegna's Avatar
    NOT AT ALL! i HATE them
    08-23-10 06:38 PM
  7. jgreen1tc's Avatar
    I got some sony iPod/iPhone earbuds with a built in mic and speaker. it also has a volume/track control and a play/pause button on the mic. the volume/track control doesnt work on the s2 but the play/pause button does.

    $40 at walmart.
    08-23-10 06:51 PM
  8. sriyegna's Avatar
    oh sweet, would you be able to link me by any chance?
    08-23-10 07:03 PM
  9. jgreen1tc's Avatar
    Walmart.com: Sony Earbud Headphones with In-Line iPod Control, Black: Audio

    edit: very comfy too. i forget im wearing them sometimes and walk off and drag my phone off my bed.
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    08-23-10 07:37 PM
  10. dkingsf's Avatar
    Try the Rocketfish RFMAB2 bluetooth stereo. Got mine for right about $60 at Best Buy. Maybe a bit less. They've been fantastic.
    08-23-10 08:02 PM
  11. RHChan84's Avatar
    If you could save up an extra $40 then I would say Motorola S9-HD are great.
    08-23-10 08:34 PM
  12. sriyegna's Avatar
    @jgreen1tc, Thanks! the sonys definetly look like a win! better than the woodees imo :P. Looks like thats what im going for!

    @dkingsf, Eh, i dont really like that style, and i had rocketfish, its really crappy :P

    @RHChan84, The motorola's look really nice, but i still dont like the style that wraps around your head, im going with the sony's, but thanks for your input!

    Thank you all ive got what i needed
    08-23-10 10:02 PM
  13. Jake Storm's Avatar
    You can get the Blackberry premium headset from the Crackberry Canada store for only $21.95 Cdn.

    Blackberry Premium Stereo Headset (3.5mm) - CrackBerry Canada

    I've got them and really like the sound. They look a lot like the Sony with a controller too.
    08-24-10 01:12 AM
  14. sriyegna's Avatar

    @Jake Storm, Thanks for that incredible suggestion :P. Trumps all the others

    Il be ordering it soon, i hope the quality is good. I didnt like the original ones at all!
    08-24-10 01:51 AM
  15. sriyegna's Avatar
    Hey People! I thank you all for your suggestions, and since i do have a 60 dollar budget, ive decided to get the blackberry headphones for my blackberry, and for any other uses, ive gotten the ep630 creative! They sell on ebay for around 6 dollars (Watch out for the fakes) but dell.ca sells it for 13 dollars which im sure is legit!

    Thanks for all of your help and i hope you enjoy the ep630, if you lookup reviews, theyre incredibly good!
    08-24-10 02:07 AM
  16. hilmar2k's Avatar
    Try the Rocketfish RFMAB2 bluetooth stereo. Got mine for right about $60 at Best Buy. Maybe a bit less. They've been fantastic.
    I'll second this, these are great. I picked them up for <$30 on eBay.
    08-24-10 04:47 PM
  17. sriyegna's Avatar
    thanks, but the blackberrys have sound isolation, and a mic :P and itl look nice with the storm considering theyre both BB :P.

    Plus, i dont really like the style that wraps around your head, and i dont really like rocketfish. My friend was quitting futureshop so i got 3 pairs of 30 dollar rocketfish headphones (for as cheap as 6 dollars each :P).

    which all broke within a year... (all 3 in a year)

    wasnt happy with that
    08-24-10 05:05 PM