1. Killal0t's Avatar
    Hi guys, signed up because this is bugging me.
    I got the storm on sunday, and since then I cannot for the life of me get SMS texting for my email to work.

    I can receive the messages and stuff, but I cannot send any.
    The option do reply is grayed out, and whenever I want to compose a message it says: "No message services configured. You will be redirected to the setup wizard to setup your email account".

    Now, I've already put in my personal email AND made a new one to see if it works, but nothing.
    I even took the battery out and everything. I'm at a lose.

    Can anyone help?
    02-02-09 10:06 PM
  2. zeiroe's Avatar
    sounds like you need to resend your service books ... you can do this in the email settings app within the setup folder
    02-03-09 01:57 AM