1. motrv8d's Avatar
    I have a heck of a time making posts on this forum from my Storm.

    I can type the post okay, but when I hide the keyboard and try to post the reply, the field for the message doesn't respond to scrolling. I have to deftly touch the very topmost part of the screen showing the non-field area to flick it if I can, and sometimes I can't get the screen to scroll down.

    Also, when I finally do expose the post reply button it is so close to the bottom of the page that the button for "online" which is right below the "post reply" button is easily mistakenly pushed by my not-so-slender, not-so-fat, just-kind-of-average-for-a-guy fingers. I'm asking the programmers and mods here to just add a little space after the post reply button so it is not so easily selected.

    Does anyone else have this problem or is it just me? Is there something I can do to make it easier to post from my Storm?
    03-28-09 08:45 PM
  2. Quanius's Avatar
    I hate posting on wap. Key stroke delays are annoying and very difficult to navigate in the text field. I am not sure if this was fixed in a version newer than .75

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    03-28-09 09:14 PM
  3. motrv8d's Avatar
    yeah I'm still running .75. If I update to a leak is it any better?
    03-28-09 09:15 PM
  4. dtubbs06's Avatar
    I've posted several times from my crackberry as I am doing now.

    Usually short posts like this one. I'm on .75 as well.

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    03-28-09 09:25 PM
  5. Vegas Gamblers's Avatar
    I am on .113 and the posting is flawless most of the time. Much better than on .75
    03-28-09 09:32 PM
  6. motrv8d's Avatar
    I am on .113 and the posting is flawless most of the time. Much better than on .75
    thats good to know.
    How is it better?
    03-28-09 10:49 PM
  7. Quanius's Avatar
    I just updated from 0.75 to 0.113 and I have noticed only slight improvement with typing delay. There is still an issue in my opinion on typing in the form field on this site using WAP. I think I would rather just read on my BB and do all replies the next time I can get on at my PC.
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    04-04-09 07:12 AM
  8. motrv8d's Avatar
    Seems like its a little easier now that I upgraded os to .113,
    I still hit that ”online” button when I go to post reply... Pretty annoying.

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    04-04-09 11:18 AM