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    I'm running v5.0.0.328

    So the first issue is that when I try to text it lags like NO OTHER. Takes FOREVER to write a text. Did you guys have this issue back in the day when you had the storm? Any advice on how to remedy it, or is it just like that sometimes?

    The second issue: so SMS is obviously only allows 160 characters. But every feature phone i've seen allows you to text beyond that and it just breaks it into multiple SMS messages. I've found on the storm after 160 characters it just stops and you can't type anymore. So I thought, I'll just send i'll mine in MMS then...well MMS isn't threaded...
    I'm not sure how I didn't read about those issues before I bought it.

    Is there an update or something to help with the texting?

    (PS I've gone through all this trouble because i thought having a phone without wifi would help with my internet addiction but the phone is being more difficult than I anticipated)
    07-16-17 12:03 AM

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