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    Am I the only one that thinks RIM and Vodafone have miss judged there target audience for the new Storm. Gone are the days when Blackberryís were reserved for the CEOs of firms. Having work email on the go has become so main stream that we have users of all levels using their Blackberryís.

    In this day and age life dictates that we have to work smarter, to keep on top of things, therefore it should come as no surprise that when the Storm was released many people thought that finally RIM have released a phone that can be used for both my personal life and for work, after all is this not the market RIM has been after. Many people, me included donít want to be carrying two devices around all the time, especially two Blackberryís !!

    When the Storm was released I had a number of Blackberry users who asked if they bought the Storm themselves would they be able to connect to the office. As is clearly documented, many people had been told that BES was part of their price plan, therefore as a company who has already bought the BES server calís outright we have no issue with them using their own phones.

    However as many people including me have subsequently found to their cost that due to Vodafone incompetence BES is only available on business tariffs at considerable cost, my question is why!! , other networks have no problem with BES on consumer tariffs.

    The introduction of push email in the Iphone has now brought having access to work emails into the main stream, surely RIM and Vodafone must have realised that few companies are going to buy the Storm for their staff, but there are many staff out there that fancy it as a phone and what to replace their work blackberry with this devices and can be used as part of their everyday life. Why have RIM and Vodafone made this so hard, in that you need to have a business account to be provisioned on BES (and expensive but thatís another debate).

    I am now in the ridicules situation where I have Iphone users who have all their work emails and calendar on their phones and the users with shiny new Blackberry Storms, the god farther of push email who canít. RIM and Vodafone need to move with the times and sort this situation out, while the Iphone is not going to kill of RIMís BES environment (well I hope not as a BES admin), people should start questioning if there really is £28 per month (VF tariff) of extra value in BES over Active sync.
    12-02-08 02:23 PM