1. darekisawesome's Avatar
    Hey guys, I've been on the Storm forums for quite some time so I'm familiar with OS changes and the screen fix but heres my problem. From time to time (always random), the screen would act as if my finger is touching the top of the screen. Example, on the home screen when I hover over an icon in the bottom it would act as if I have another thumb hovering over somewhere on the top so it alternates a touch hover on both back and forth. I've tried to loosen and tighten the screws to no avail. I try to bang on it or apply pressure to spots to fix it with no results. It usually just goes and comes by random. Any thought on what to do? Reload the OS?
    07-14-10 09:49 PM
  2. jetman1287's Avatar
    This is because of humidity. I'm not really sure how to fix the problem. VZW replaced my original storm because of this while I was still within warranty. I believe you can also tighten screws on the back so it happens less (see torx screw fix on these boards, something like that).
    07-15-10 09:18 AM