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    So, I got my replacement storm today, I think it is the third of fourth one so far since having my first storm. This one is a little different though, they sent me a new battery and new charger too.

    Ok, so the directions tell me to charge the phone for 12 hrs... so i put the battery in, which automatically turned on the phone, when everything loaded up it said the battery already had a charge like half way. So after about 30 or 40 min.. it says the charge is full and the charging bolt isnt there telling me it isnt charging.

    Is this normal? or should i just throw my old battery in my replacement storm. The new one they sent me seems like its a newer battery type because it looks completely different, but my old one has been trusty for my last couple of storms.

    I just want to see if this is normal, and it is charging the battery still even though it says it isnt, because i dont want to waste all this time charging a busted battery when I could use my old battery.

    I guess its also a possibility that the battery is fully charged now, and they mailed it half charged, but that wouldnt explain why the directions they sent me tell me to charge it for 12 hrs??

    any advice is much appreciated thanks.
    08-25-10 03:23 PM