1. jblack55's Avatar
    Has anyone else had enugh of BB not keeping up with the current technologies. I have been loyal BB storm owner since its release, but BB just can'tseem to get it together with their updates, both for the phones and desktops. The latest blow with Office 2010 is just too much. I have had a copy of Office 2010 for around 9 months, and now that it goes live BB still can't sync with it....WTF. I'm tired of these companies and their lack of preperation for new and improved software. This isn't something MS snuck in on anyone and yet BB failed to step up to the plate again.

    My upgrade is available in August and it will be off to a Droid X!!!!
    07-18-10 12:48 PM
  2. BBrian's Avatar
    What is sad is I went to BB as I wanted it for business. I wanted the push email so I could be on top of the game.
    Sadly now I get the push email but the new software won't allow me to select the response link in the email to go and actually get the assignment. This used to work before OS 5.
    I now have to go to the browser to submit the link but the browser will not allow me to actually log in as it requires AJAX to be enabled.
    What good does it do me to watch the business go to other suppliers because my BlackBerry can't keep up?
    07-18-10 01:43 PM