1. smileyboy's Avatar
    I have been using a Plantronics voyager 855. People have trouble hearing me at times.

    What other headsets are there that provide good noise cancellation and work with the Storm. I drive a Cargo Van I'm a electrcian.)

    12-04-08 07:07 PM
  2. Btascrew's Avatar
    Get a Jawbone 2. It works perfect. It's the best I've used.
    12-04-08 07:10 PM
  3. chuckh0308's Avatar
    Really? I'm using an old Plantronics 220, which was probably the cheapest bluetooth they've ever made, and it works great! Even when I was driving trucks I didn't have any trouble, though I was using a different phone then too.
    12-04-08 07:23 PM
  4. MLaX3's Avatar
    I just bought the plantronics discovery 925 for 29.99!! For some reason Amazon had a deal going for 49.99 and I had 20 in GC's (a day later I would have only paid 19.99). I have been using the Plantronics 645 and 655 for the past few years and love it, but I heard this one is going to be much better. I will update you once I get it and test it out within the next week. Stay tuned to make a decision (in my opinion) between the Jawbone 2 and the Plantronics Discovery 925.
    12-04-08 08:32 PM
  5. jkunk's Avatar
    just got blueant V1 i like it a lot from amazon for 70 somethin i believe, was on sale like 50bux off or somethin
    12-04-08 08:34 PM
  6. DRLyman's Avatar
    FWIW, I love my Motorola H700. Nice and loud. Never had any complaints from people on the other end.
    12-04-08 08:37 PM
  7. howardb's Avatar
    Jabra JX10 is the best headset I've ever used. This includes the original Jawbone. I did a/b comparisons between the jawbone and the JX10 and the JX10 sounded way better to the person on the other end of the line. Not to mention that the JX10 sounded better to be.
    12-04-08 08:44 PM
  8. MBButler's Avatar
    Jawbone 2 is great if you prefer weak volume, static, and it turns off everytime you try to adjust it in your ear. 3 latex earpiece sizes that fit no-one.
    All for $129.00
    12-04-08 08:47 PM
  9. bigphill911's Avatar
    jawbone 2 should be ariving at my house tomorrow i will let u know how i like it
    12-04-08 09:21 PM
  10. smileyboy's Avatar
    Cool, I am going to have to price shop around a bid. the Jawbone 2 is $$
    12-04-08 10:19 PM
  11. Shemp1973's Avatar
    Don't waste your money on the Junkbone. A $30 Plantronics will beat the pants off it.
    12-04-08 10:24 PM
  12. Primate#CB's Avatar
    I use the BlueAnt Z9i . I love it but wish the battery lasted a bit longer. I get about 4 - 5 hours of talk time out of a charge.
    12-04-08 10:37 PM
  13. SpoiledApple's Avatar
    Z9i Here. works great
    12-05-08 01:22 AM
  14. charmanestar's Avatar
    I have a problem with my Blue Ant X3 Micro. It has no problem pairing and getting it setup. The problem occurs when I walk the blue tooth away from the phone. When I come back, click the bluetooth and try to reconnect/pair it, it doesn't work. It sucks, I can't figure out what's wrong with it.
    12-05-08 01:29 AM
  15. yapkuen's Avatar
    I'm a big fan of my Jabra BT8040.
    12-05-08 01:37 AM
  16. xxraffyxx's Avatar
    JAWBONE 2!!! greatest headset. if you can get it to fit. and if you can try this mod I did to mine. buy jabra ear gels

    fits great w/o a earloop

    check out craigslist $70-80 in the Sacramento area
    12-05-08 01:42 AM
  17. howie's Avatar
    I tried the Blue Ant Z9i on my 8330 and it had horrible range (not even 2 feet literally from ear to belly button) and started getting static. It was a nice device but couldn't keep it. It may work better with the Storm so worth checking in to.
    12-05-08 01:43 AM
  18. citi's Avatar
    My wife has the jawbone2 and I have the blueant z91. I can never hear her but I am crystal clear on the z9. Plus the bt stack in the storm is excellent. It actually improved my sound quality from my old LG dare.
    12-05-08 01:44 AM
  19. xxraffyxx's Avatar
    with the z9i they had an firmware update it had alot of problems syncing with smartphones and blackberrys. update fixed the problems. I still returned my z9i and bought the jawbone 2

    Biggest complaint people get using the jawbone the sound quality. If you cant get the sensor nub keep in contact with your cheek you wont be heard
    12-05-08 01:46 AM