02-14-09 01:17 AM
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  1. alangot's Avatar
    Glad for the clarification from CX. Gold Code or no, I have stayed with .75 and find it entirely satisfactory. Not perfect, mind you, but satisfactory. I am not a BB veteran; I had a Pearl and then bought a Storm on day 1. I want nothing to do with leaked betas.

    On my particular device, .75 does almost everything I want it to do, and well. The only big flaws are a persistent memory leak, a very buggy video camera, and a camera that's a bit slow (though I've noticed that it actually takes a picture pretty quickly. There's a lag between when the shutter snaps and the clicking sound emerges).

    I love reading these forums because so many of the posters are such Storm fanatics and early adopters that they'll load anything onto their phone and then complain when it isn't perfect. what the **** do you expect?
    02-12-09 03:39 PM
  2. Rodsky11's Avatar
    Yes actually on page 2 someone did say I mentioned using it. Which was the reason for my post. I did not say it, and made my post accordingly. I'm glad you're clear on the meaning now.

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    They will get it right. I know it's taken some time, but this isn't baking a cake you know? It's actually quite difficult. But the Gold Code is coming. And the device will be everything you thought when it was purchased. Just try and have some patience.
    Hah, this is where the Gold Code quote is from. People need to relax, although I can understand using this terminology getting everyone all wound up. I am enjoying the work of Sith for now, as it is the best we got - perhaps a silver code, so to speak.
    02-12-09 04:10 PM
  3. 1magine's Avatar
    There is no Gold Code. If there was, we would have it. I think even CX would find a way to get it to us - - just to shut most of us up.

    Of course there are OSes later than 103 that we don't have; but given that we don't have them, one must assume they're not very good. If they were significantly better than .103 someone would find a way to get it to the community, (it's really not that hard to distribute anonymously if one wants, these guys are plenty smart enough to open a fake e-mail account and e-mail the OS to Kevin).
    02-12-09 04:56 PM
  4. bigman2's Avatar
    I don't even care so much if there are newer builds out there, somewhere... So long as it's newer than what I have, and represents some level of improvement over what I had previously, I am happy.
    02-12-09 05:15 PM
  5. kruizin's Avatar
    So in other words, .75 is a gold code?

    I think it's probably the closest thing they could come to "gold code" at the time. I'm sure it was rushed, as was the launch of the device.

    Let's hope that the next "gold code" is much better than the last!
    02-12-09 06:31 PM
  6. TheMisses's Avatar
    We've had games go onto the market that were perfectly playable. BUT there was always a hickup somewhere along the line that game into play with so much different hardware on the market (around the years windows came into play and people started to hear about plug and play and of course it needed to run in dos and windows) that it was impossible to include all the code for all the devices. Still, it worked most of the time so we shipped it. The bugs we came across most often were solved asap after that through an update. Back then modems and broadband weren't that normal as they are now. So at that time we were obliged to ship out cd's and instructions and provide support on that part. We didn't get to wait four months to release another patch though. The game would have bled dead by then. The phone has got a somewhat larger timeperiod. BUT even if it becomes the machine it was supposed to be from the start, it will never regain that part of its marketshare. I hear way too many people reply with negative comments for this device to become a hit. And I don't mean people here, but people I meet, even Vodafone store reps.

    And I think that's a shame really...
    02-13-09 04:10 AM
  7. techitrucker's Avatar
    But is it worth it. It seems every time Verizon has a phone people want now and they rush the manufacturer, they end up getting sued by the customers and settling. XV6600/6700, Some Motorola Flip, forget the model, The Voyager. Maybe if they would slow dow a bit, we wouldn't get so many 50 and 100 dollar certificates and they wouldn't always be percieved as having the crappiest phones.

    I'll give you a personal example: I was eligible to upgrade my phone with Verizon come mid-august of last year. At that point, The only blackberries available were the curve, pearl and 8830. i didnt want the curve or pearl and if i didnt hear about the storm i probably would have gotten an 8830. if the storm kept being pushed though, and was still not out yet, i'd probably just wait for the niagara, and thus this storm would have been completely passed over.

    there are other consumers who might have even left VZW for a better phone, or just waited since an even better phone was only a few months away. there really is a 'sweet spot'. it sucks for those users who have no tolerance of bugs and glitches, but if they didn't release it yet, people like myself would have just given up and started looking for the next best thing.
    02-14-09 01:17 AM
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