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    Hey how are you guys.

    Ive posted some questions before about unlocking a Storm and sending it over seas to Brazil and I will be taking one on friday. its unlocked and the person there will take it to the store to see if they can do the service books part of it there. But if they cant is there a way i can do if they give me the file for another BB ? they do not have storms there.

    Also what settings do i need to change on the phone in order for it to work with there SIM ?
    I have a Stom on verizon plus this storm that i will be sending there. I want to put a couple of applications on the one going over seas but there is no service currently on it. Is there a way i can do it via PC ? one APP i want is the PatternLock which i now have on my storm. is there a way to get it out of mine and put it on the other ?

    Thank you !
    06-02-09 10:33 AM
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    wow anyone know anything at least aboiut the apps ?
    06-02-09 01:30 PM
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    wow anyone know anything at least aboiut the apps ?
    You can use app loader if you have the cod file
    06-02-09 03:34 PM
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    I am also sending a Storm out of the country, to the Dominican Republic, and they don't have Storm's either. To my understanding, as long as the Storm is unlocked, everything would be koscher if they have their sim card and have a blackberry data plan on it to use the data on the device...i believe you just have to go into options/mobile network and change Network Technology to GSM/UMTS then change to 2G/3G and they should be fine. I believe they'll have to go into Options/Advanced Options/Host Routing Table and hit the blackberry button and press Register Now to send the service books as long as the data network is working on it and i believe everything should be cool.
    06-02-09 03:53 PM