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    ok guys...another gmail issue

    i got my replacement bb storm in the mail...activated everything w success...restored using DM and it restored all my email accounts...said since i switched devices..i had to revalidate them all

    ive got every one BUT gmail to validate..it keeps saying wrong name or pass...and i am 100% positive that they are being input correctly...casing is correct as well...

    any help?.


    i created another gmail account and it worked fine...i need my primary gmail account on this device! grr

    I am 1000% sure the email address and password are correct.

    any insight?
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    06-24-10 06:45 PM
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    Also, i tried doing this from the verizon BIS site...and even it says the login or password are incorrect...and i know thats not right
    06-24-10 07:04 PM
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    have you tried to login at your gmail account? maybe the password has been change..
    06-24-10 08:26 PM
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    Yes I have. The password has not changed. I get the same error message when trying to add it via the vzw BIS site as well

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    06-25-10 01:21 AM
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    bump it up
    06-25-10 11:02 PM
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    Hey, I have the same issue. Last night I stopped receiving gmail messages and after a restart this morning I got the "please validate your account" email from BIS. I typed in the password correctly, testing it in gmail (fine), changed my password in gmail, deleted the gmail account on my BB, sent service books, and tried again. No matter what I do it says that my password is incorrect.

    I have not changed my gmail account, added any apps on my BB, or changed any settings. Since I've made no changes on my end, it sounds like a server issue to me.

    Has anyone seen this issue and been able to fix it?

    Edit: I've seen the issue that was relatively widespread on 6/22 that was fixed, but I didn't have any issues until 7/2.
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