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    Hi All! Let me first apologize because I know very similar questions have been asked by the others. I searched the forums and read about 6 or 8 related threads, but didn't see this specific detail. I'm hoping this is a quick answer for someone (in the affirmative?) .

    I'm on BES and have the messages and e-mail set to be in different folders (I use a convenience key for each). I've been using the gmail application, which works really well, except I can't copy and paste from it. So, I decided to configure the mail on my blackberry (and while I was at it, I added my hotmail account as well).

    I'd like my e-mail folder to be only BES e-mail, and have separate folders for each gmail, hotmail and messages. However, I can't figure out how to receive gmail and hotmail in their respective folders, but NOT clutter my BES e-mail. I tried the filter settings, but they appear to device specific and not folder specific.

    This is a show stopper for me, since this is a work devices first (I'd use the device browser before BIS, if there is no option to separate). Is this possible in 4.7? Anyone know if 5.0 will behave differently? Thanks in advance for the advice!
    05-19-09 12:29 AM
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    I think I'm allowed to bump this now . I'm assuming I'm SOL and this is not available?
    05-21-09 11:20 AM
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    Empower Work folders

    Empower Work Folder for Blackberry BES

    20 bucks
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    05-21-09 11:46 AM
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    Thanks! I'll check it out!
    05-21-09 01:58 PM