1. deke09's Avatar
    I just installed the Cisco Speed Test on my Storm 9530.

    I went outside (South Side Pittsburgh...good signal...3-5 bars)

    I scored a 85. Then I did that *228 roaming upgrade just to see and scored a 66.

    I'm shaking my head. I was a happy T-Mobile customer for years and very satisfied with the Curve I was using before I started drooling over the Storm. So, I broke my contract with T-Mobile and bought a Storm the day it came out. Since, I've had this really pretty phone that has every hiccup known to Storm users, one mediocre upgrade, and hardly any apps that apply to me for a download. Actually, no apps have really applied to me. Verizon navigation has given me wrong directions both times I've used it, I think its pretty well known how much slower it is to type on and how many more times am i going to have to watch the damn thing restart itself?

    Also, I happen to own a Blu-ray player, so like many of you I was equally excited to transfer digital copies onto the Storm, but at some point I lost all motivation for that. As much as I have no interest in Apple and their iPhone, I have to say I'm envious. Wouldn't it be delightful if Blackberry had their own version of iTunes? I would ditch iTunes in a second and store all my music and movies on it and it could be synced with pure ease. No 3rd party software to remove the protections...no more Apple software on my computer. Will Blackberry every really be the organizer of my life?

    Its probably time to shut up, but right now I would probably be happier if I had stayed with T-Mobile and waited for the new Curve. It might not be 3G, but my Storm's slow as **** anyway, and at least the Curve has Wi-Fi.

    I'm feeling dumb...
    02-24-09 04:56 PM
  2. sayitloudbap's Avatar
    um... i think the blackberry version of Itunes you seek is called "your harddrive"
    02-24-09 05:16 PM
  3. deke09's Avatar
    I realize I'm dumb, as I said as much, but my hard drive isn't as pretty as iTunes...

    ...just say'n. Look, as far as I know, I'm given a choice when I insert a digital copy disc into my computer. It asks me whether I want to import it to iTunes or WMP. Neither of them share the name of my device. I understand Blackberry Desktop Software, but if I tell it to deliver a movie out of my iTunes library, it won't play on the Storm because its copyright protected. All I want is a program that allows the phone to do what its capable of doing without having to ponder installing yet another program on my computer, such as Tunebite, to accomplish my goal. Apple makes it so easy...
    02-24-09 08:05 PM