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    My camera is broken and I have tried every fix there is but keep getting the close all apps and try again message. Since I am in my 30 day period, they are sending me a brand new Storm. I made sure that it would be new and not a refurb and was assured it would be new. Anyway, a few questions about what to do to my old one before returning it.

    I am currently running .103. Do I need to change it back to .75 before returning it?

    The water indicators have turned red but the phone works perfectly other than the camera. Does this matter? I had to pay $200 for the new one and was told it would be credited to me as soon as they received my old one. The in store employee and the phone rep never mentioned anything about this.

    I really like the settings I am currently running and really don't feel like having to set up a phone like this again. If I back up my phone, then restore that file to the new phone, will it work right? Also, as far as backup goes, if I backup running .103 and then restore to a phone running .75(the replacement will be on .75, I will then update to .103 or .109 after the restore), will this work okay?

    Thanks for the help.
    02-23-09 10:14 PM