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    Hey guys ... I've been a blackberry storm user since October 2009 and infact it was my first phone .. Since day 1 I've had problems with it , my first problem was that it was extremly slow and the battery got so hot it burned my hand so I got an exchange , a month later with the exchange the phone became crazily laggy and sms's lagged then it got water damaged ( Verizon didn't know that wink lol ) and got my newer replacement module about 2 - 3 months ago .. When I got the phone I noticed I was getting all my sms's delayed in average of 3-5 minutes or so .. I thought being that I had to activate it it was getting use to the programming and such so I ignored it .. Till this day I'm getting delays of my text varying from 5-8 minutes delay .. Hot battery for no reason .. Youtube videos crash for no reason , phone becomes so ow after talking on the phone for 2 minutes , and numerous other problems that **** me off ... Now should I give this phone another chance and get a new one with my insurance ? Or get a different phone .. I really can't stand this one

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    05-16-10 09:41 PM
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    Well if you ask me it sounds like a manufacturing defect, if the software is slow and the battery is getting hot. just keep having verizon replace them until you get one that works. eventually they might even offer you a storm2. don't count on it, but its always possible.
    05-16-10 11:03 PM
  3. loumacuser's Avatar
    I got a Storm2 after my 3rd Storm2. Now on my 3rd Storm2. And still have issues with this one.

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    05-16-10 11:59 PM
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    I would just switch to a different phone. I have the Storm and it doesn't do all that but it does have its issues that is why I am thinking about going with the Tour or the new BB Curve 8530.
    05-17-10 09:41 AM
  5. Saukrateaz's Avatar
    Storm was a rush release because Blackberry was feeling the loss of the iPhone (IMO). They hurt themselves with such a problomatic device. Leave the storm behind and move onto a better device so you can enjoy what you are paying for.
    05-17-10 09:51 AM
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    If you are bent on getting a different phone then just get a different phone. The phone is exactly what you make of it. Personally I have no problem with mine, it runs great, messaging is instant and the battery lasts a long time. The more I read these rants, the more it strikes me that people are expecting the phone to just 'be' exactly what they expect it to be. The blackberry is not this way... if you want it to do something you need to make it do it. It wasn't designed for, shall we say 'low interest' users that just want to pick up a device and be spoon fed information. If you expect that the phone will give you what you want only after you tell it what you want, you will have a lot more luck with it. If that's not the kind of experience you want, then you would be happier with a different phone.
    05-17-10 11:07 AM
  7. Snarfler's Avatar
    I might get a replacement until the 2 year contract was up in October.

    If you leave lots of apps running all the time, then the phone might get laggy, and the battery will drain faster, making it get hot. Mine will get quite hot if I use a GPS app and listen to a prolonged audio stream
    05-17-10 11:13 AM
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    The storm was and is a complete failure. The original storm was so bad that the brand name "storm" will be forever tarnished. That is why VZW didn't promote the s2 and didn't even announce it's release until 2 before. They did not want to be burned...AGAIN.
    05-17-10 11:16 AM
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    Im still running the S1 until July But with Lyricidals Hybrid .692/.591, I am really pleased with the performance of this old phone. I was on the verge of smashing it a while back but its not bad now thanks to Lyricidal!
    05-17-10 11:42 AM
  10. AJFSTORM's Avatar
    I dumped the Storm when the Incredible came out and I couldn't be happier. Unless you're a hardcore BB business user, I think you'll be blown away by the Incredible.
    05-17-10 01:11 PM