1. mjk's Avatar
    I am on my 3rd Storm (dust replacements) and this one has got me scratching my head. About 5 times I have received really old emails. I just got one from December 14. And I think each time I got an old one my Storm rebooted itself (which it is doing enough the way it is).

    Has anyone else had this happen? I am running .75 (use a Mac, no beta for me...)
    05-18-09 07:46 PM
  2. patches152's Avatar
    are they all in your email inbox now too? or were they there and just got sent to your phone? i've been getting emails delayed from ymail up to a few hours! it sucks....

    but time travel FTW!!!
    05-18-09 08:01 PM
  3. mjk's Avatar
    No, not in my inbox on my computer, just on the storm. And they were all delivered to my storm back in December, but I am randomly getting them again now...
    05-18-09 08:04 PM
  4. patches152's Avatar
    resend service books and re-register...if it continues, contact your carrier to pass onto NOC and see what they say....
    05-18-09 08:06 PM
  5. jenkie1's Avatar
    That happens to me quite often on my Curve. They are all previously viewed e-mails and generally are sent several at a time. I have also asked why this happens and still don't have a clue. Maybe someone can enlighten us!

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    05-18-09 08:08 PM
  6. patches152's Avatar
    i just thought of something:

    when i get emails sent to my spam folder on my yahoo account, if i mark it "not spam" it moves it to the inbox, and even if it's been marked as read, i'll get it to my phone. same thing on corporate email, i have "rules" created to separate my inbox into sub-folders based on certain senders who frequently email me, and if the emails get moved, i'll get the email to my phone. are you managing messages and moving them or anything like that?
    05-18-09 08:10 PM
  7. jenkie1's Avatar
    I do have personal and business e-mail accounts. Now that I think about it only the business e-mails are the ones being resent.I am really not that business savvy to be managing my e-mail the way you are though. They do always come several at a time.

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    05-18-09 08:36 PM
  8. patches152's Avatar
    maybe there was some server maintenance and some emails got moved or something? check into it. might be the cause of what you're experiencing.
    05-18-09 08:38 PM
  9. jenkie1's Avatar
    Who is your carrier? I am with Verizon. This has been an ongoing problem with my Curve since December.

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    05-18-09 08:46 PM
  10. mjk's Avatar
    The one I just got was from my sister. I've had no other problems with emails from her. I'm also on Verizon. I never had this happen with my 8703 or my pearl.
    05-18-09 08:51 PM
  11. patches152's Avatar
    its not an issue of device, or carrier, or who its from...it's an email server issue. the emails are being refreshed into the inbox somehow, and triggering an event in the RIM servers and causing an email to be forwarded to your device.
    05-18-09 08:53 PM