1. indychuck's Avatar
    I have downloaded the trial version (5.4.2) and it is relatively working very nicely. No problems for the most part, but i have a couple of questions i'm hoping to get an answer to:

    1. I created a favorite and can now find no way to delete it...anybody know how?

    2. I created a mobile manager account. I can log into it at mobile.garmin.com on my pc, but cant log into it from the storm. Anybody know if you can use the moblie manager with the trial version?

    3. In mobile manager, I cant find anyway to create a trip itinerary to use on my storm. Anybody know if that is possible. Looking at the docs online at garmin it looks like it should be able to. It would be great to create the itinerary online for a long trip before departure. About the only thing I could find to do is create favorites.

    Thanks for any help!
    01-04-09 12:15 PM