1. howardb's Avatar
    So I've got funambol on my Storm to sync my calendar items with Outlook at work. All of the syncing is working just fine but the issue is that all of the items are synced into the wrong email account calendar. And if I create an appointment using the right email address to send out the notice then it doesn't sync. I've not seen a way to configure which calendar gets used by Funambol... I've also not seen an easy way to move an event from one calendar to another easily other than delete it and recreate it in the other calendar. Anyone have any tips?

    I've been thinking about trying to figure out how to wipe only all calendar events. Then remove the other 2 accounts off my device and do a sync. Then add the two other accounts back into BIS and move on... Still kind of annoying...

    Any ideas or tips are appreciated.
    05-21-09 06:50 PM
  2. joski's Avatar
    I forget what it's under but you can delete the contents of your calendar, address book, etc. via Desktop Manager. I don't have my cradle with me here at work (since I use Funambol and LOVE it) but I think it's under some advanced section under backup? I forget, but click around DM with your BB connected and you'll find it. It pops up a window with a bunch of entries and the amount of items in each entry. Good luck! Sorry I can't give you the 100% walk-thru.
    05-21-09 07:33 PM