09-24-10 06:08 PM
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  1. crush29830's Avatar
    I put mine on yesterday. These things are awesome in my opinion they are much easier to apply than basic screen protectors and are bareley visible. This is a good deal. Im ordering another one to have if/when this one wears out
    09-02-10 02:26 PM
  2. CrispyCream's Avatar
    Just got mine in the mail today. About to put it on and try it out. I'll report later.
    09-13-10 11:08 AM
  3. bmoney1229's Avatar
    The part that goes over the screen is too hazy to use. Its not needed anyways given the scratch resistant glass on the screen.

    So, I finally dropped mu S2 with the stealthguard on. It wasn't the hardest drop ever. Maybe 2-3 ft in the air. My S2 sustained damage to the silver outer lining of the case. A big chip/scrape.

    The stealthguard did help a little, but if your looking for actual protection go with otterbox. These things really only protect against minor scratches

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    09-13-10 11:13 AM
  4. mickrg123's Avatar
    Thanks will try.
    09-17-10 04:30 PM
  5. CrispyCream's Avatar
    It's not too bad, for what it is. The film for the outside of the device were a lil' of a nuisance to put on, but they came on well. It's a neat alternative if you're looking for protections from scratches. I can do without it though. I did leave the film on for the battery door, because it makes it look pretty cool & different lol.
    09-19-10 10:12 AM
  6. DawgMan's Avatar
    Ordered two on Sept. 17th. received an initial order confirmation email then nothing. I've emailed the customer support team to check status of order twice and no response to that either. And now I read mixed reviews...what a day. Can anyone comment on the quality or how they compare to invisishields? Thanks.
    09-22-10 06:47 PM
  7. bmoney1229's Avatar
    Personally, I don't care for these much. I've bever used invisishield. I ordered 4. 2 for my s2 and 2 for my s1. The s2 fits fine, but the s1 plastics don't line up and is missing pieces. Not to mention they took almost a month to receive. Fail in my book

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    09-24-10 12:55 AM
  8. sboeckman's Avatar
    Thanks Ewing! I just placed my order for 2 and got them both for free with shipping for only 4.85. I have been using these guards religiously since I got my first Storm 1. I use it on my ipod as well. I have been able to sell my old phones for top dollar because they look like new without a scratch thanks to these guards. Previously I purchased from ebay to get the best price, paying up to $20! Free is the best deal I have seen yet. To all the nay sayers... of course it doesn't offer the protection of a case! I personally have never used a case on my phones because of the added bulk. Using these guards keeps my phone from getting scratched. I have insurance if anything else happens, like when a rogue wave washed over my beach towel (most cases would not have helped anyway).

    Many mahalos!
    09-24-10 06:08 PM
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