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  • Full retail

    1 11.11%
  • 199

    7 77.78%
  • 99

    0 0%
  • less than 99

    1 11.11%
  1. bimmerfest's Avatar
    I'm REALLY PISSED..AFTER PLACING MY ORDER TUESDAY i didn't get my confirmation today or tracking. After extensive calling throughout the day; I was finally told by a marketing manager why she thinks I didn't get my storm shipped out today. She mentioned that if you got a special pricing like I did being on a family plan and not being the main line I managed to get it for $99. She told me any pricing such as low as 99 even with NE2 had to be approved by managers. So I guess I'll wait for the hassle of my order being screwed up I'm getting a month free of data.
    11-21-08 10:00 PM
  2. DCoy82's Avatar
    GJ on learning where the caps lock key is located.
    11-21-08 10:03 PM