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    My Storm is my first BB - never been a fan of the BB OS but you can't fault the 'push' e-mail facility and my company doesn't give us a choice of OS.

    Have just discovered that you can't edit forwarded e-mails! I'm shocked as this is a basic business requirement, e.g. you are sent a draft e-mail by a colleague and you amend it, clean off the old headers and send it to your client.

    Other BB users said the only way to do this is copy/paste the incoming draft into a new e-mail. Clumsy (especially on a Storm) but it should work.

    However, when I paste the copied message, all formating and paragraphs disappear and I am left with a string of continuous text! Apparently this doesn't happen on a Curve.

    Has anybody else experienced this and is there a solution?

    (I have searched this forum for ages looking for an answer but couldn't find one, so apologies if I missed it.)



    12-04-08 05:15 AM
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    Martin that an interesting point that you brought up. I don't think this is a 'storm' issue as my Curve is also unable to achieve this.

    However I DO have a work around for you. Instead of copying it before you send the email go ahead and just start with selecting 'forward'. Once you're in the new email scroll down to the original text and select and copy it. Now go back to the top and paste. Hit your blackberry button and select 'delete original text' from the menu. You should now have a clean copy into your email with the matching format that you can edit.

    Go to the top and change your recipient email address and your subject.

    Hope this helps!!

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    12-04-08 09:36 AM
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    Thanks for the tip but, you're not going to believe this, you can't select/copy the forwarded text on a Storm!

    Selelecting and copying on a Storm is not the easiest of things to do anyway but it is possible with patience. However, you can only select/copy text written above the "-----Original Message-----" line and nothing below it.

    Or am I wrong?



    12-04-08 09:55 AM
  4. troutseth's Avatar

    so I was able to select and copy text from the original message but I am on 9530. If you are having an issue with that . . .copy the text from the original email before hitting forward or reply . . . then paste it into either a forward or a new message.
    12-04-08 10:15 AM
  5. Shield_London's Avatar
    A slight correction.

    You can select/copy text from the forwarded part but only below the message header. You can then scroll back to the top and paste the text but:

    1. The pasted text still loses all it's formatting
    2. There is no menu option for "delete original text" or anything similar

    This is rubbish. I must be missing something here (apart from a Windows Mobile device!)


    12-04-08 10:20 AM
  6. crzynic's Avatar
    Martin sorry you're having such a problem with this.

    Selecting text below the header is how mine works also, but I don't lose the formating.

    A quick question are you using the stand BB email program that came with the phone or have you upgrade to a 3rd party app? If you haven't that might be something to consider to see if that doesn't help you out.
    12-04-08 11:42 PM
  7. Shield_London's Avatar
    Hi Crzynic,
    Yes I am still using the standard BB app. I don't know if there are any 3rd party e-mail apps yet written for the Storm. Can recommend any? Presumambly it should be downloaded to a PC and then onto the Storm via Desktop Manager?

    This is frustrating me so much because it's a feature I need to use constantly. Thanks for your help and patience.


    12-05-08 06:31 AM