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    Hi, no luck really searching.
    Somehow, I lost all my icons and folder(selection)
    When I go to create new folder, all that comes up is a plain black one with no other to choose from
    I also have iberry theme, and with that my only selection is a bricklike theme...here is an email I shot to support...
    <I wiped an reinstalled my OS clean...but even with the stock theme, when I go to edit folder and click the folder it leaves me with no options except a plain blk folder
    when I do it in the iberry theme the only option is a bricklike folder/icon...How can I choose what icon I want on my homescreen????
    Is it possible? I thought because I did the wipe it would be OK. So, right now I have 4 folders I created, messaging, media both brick like icons, and apps, downloads, games and setup also with the same brick/icon view
    Any help is greatly appreciated>

    The thing is, I deleted my oem wallpapers/tones/icons by accident last week device manger on phone>delete...

    I wiped my phone, used crackmem this time to removed all unwanteds and reloaded my OS...I have my preinstalled ring tones back, but NOT my icons/folders...
    Anyone know how I coul get these back...not that much of an issue, but im always looking at the same thing, and would like to change the way the folder looks so it will be unique...
    05-18-09 11:58 AM
  2. harpua19's Avatar
    trying it again...not looking good
    05-18-09 12:51 PM