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    Hi, Well I will start off by saying my name is Phil Camlin and I am totally new to the blackberry world. I come from the iOS Background. I bought a storm off ebay for 60 bucks so it was an ok deal but I need to clarify a few things. I changed my plan to a blackberry one with unlimited email etc.. Im currently using an iphone on this plan. Anyways, When I get it, I want up update it to the latest OS as its unlocked and then I can just pop in my sim and use BBM and email until my heart is content? Or will I have to set up this nonsense with service books and stuff. Thats where I get lost. Can anyone help me? Say I put the sim in and the browsers don't show up. What do I do?? I saw stuff about general service books but I don't know what the procedure is for that.

    EDIT- On ROGERS in Canada. and Sorry if its in the wrong section

    Lastly, I have 5GB data and Unlimited WAP surfing so does the BB storm have WAP browsing capabilities? Just curious, not a life ending thing if it doesnt.

    Thanks for the help!

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