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    Like is stated above, im a first time BlackBerry owner. I hope this helps anyone else who never owned a BB to make a decision if they are not sure.

    My phone history is LG VX4600 -> LG VX6000 -> Moto K1M (Junk) -> LG VX9700 (Dare) -> BB Storm

    So as you can see my last two phones are my only forray into something decent. Also on the side I picked up an iPod Touch. As you know it looks and acts a lot like an iPhone, minus the phone of course. So I'll use the OS as a reference a few times.

    -- Initial

    First thing, initial boot up, and the Verizon rep handing me my new phone kinda left me with the "Ahh! I don't wanna break it!" feeling. I didn't have a clue about the OS. The manual is more like a contract. So the only thing left to do is explore on your own. After a few days, its kinda like working with an old friend, but at first, its very intimidating. This was gone after a few hours.

    -- The OS

    The interface is clean, which means a lot to me. I spent a ton of time moving things on my iTouch, just becuase it looked like a mess. No matter what, it looked childish to me. I like the glass like buttons, the selectable menu size (rows) and the ablity to just go all out and see everything. (full screen menu)

    Finally a phone with a real options menu. I can seem to change anything to do anything WITH anything here. Thanks RIM!

    The "BB" button is kinda like a giant easter egg. You never know what apps will have options to do what! I've been dissapointed by the way apps acted and then wham! a ton of options. It is interesting, however, kinda akward. The camera is okay. Don't really make much use of it, usually just has photos of interesting things I find in my travels. My real camera is for when I know something of interest is going to happen. I'm not in this for intergration, I don't mind carrying a few devices with me. The individual apps are nice. Things like contacts, messaging clients, maps, ect all worked great. The browser is good too, and I'd say on par with Safari. I haven't gotten the fortitude to install a leaked OS (Still .75). I haven't had an real lag issues, freeze ups, issues anwswering calls, orientation issues, or low memory issues. The last time I had to deal with "low memory" was with DOS and the 640k memory limit...

    -- (lets get) Physical

    First thing anyone notices is the "SurePress" touch screen. I'm not gonna lie, I was used to my Dare and iPod Touch, and often wondered why things were not... well doing anything! I'd forget the click! Took about a day. Now on the flipside, im trying to press and click on my iPod! I have no issues clicking anything. I haven't screwed a screw or taped anything either.

    Texting is great too. I have big hands, and that was a big reason for ditching my Dare. I'd make typos like crazy. I'd roll into other keys, hit more than one at a time, didn't work out. The click gives me a lot more control, and the springboard type effect keeps my accuracy up even more. The form factor is nice, I have big hands (see above), and like that im not dwarfing the device, or going to crush it into techno-dust. It does have some heft to it, but it makes it feel sturdy and of good build quality.

    Appearances are great. I've had people stop and call my phone "Sexy." The brushed metal back cover and polished metal BB logo and a nice touch. Plus everyone loves the screen. The LED indicator is simple and effect. Speaker phone and playing media is great! This thing can get LOUD!

    The lock button is annoying to me. Did I press it? Will the OS fade back in? Did I press it twice? Takes some time to get used to, but right now, it is not on my good side.


    Overall, I love the phone, and can easily see myself as a crackberry addict. I feel lucky I don't have all the "problems" a lot of people are having. I have no dust, click issues, battery life, or anything. I think I'd cry if this got broken and I'd have to take a chance to find a Storm this good again.
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    Yes, here definitely seems to be a more extended learning curve with the Storm. Glad you are enjoying it! Also glad you realized that you had to play with it and use it before rendering an opinion on it. Welcome to the wonderful land of crackberry!
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    Excellent review! Thank you
    02-23-09 09:16 AM
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    Just want to help people who are having doubts.

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