1. SirLance99's Avatar
    What are the first 10 or so things I absolutely should do first when I get it?
    So I read the threads everyday now for several weeks now for the Storm. Now that Im about 1-2 hours away from getting mine delivered to my door. Since some people have played for it for a few days. I also am new to the Blackberry phone world and am excited about it.
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    11-25-08 11:54 AM
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    Plug the charger into it.

    Start typing on the keyboard. Practice, practice practice.

    Check out the cool clock display.

    Arrange the icons to your preferences (I prefer one row only 4 icons in portrait mode.

    Set-up the ringtones / vibration w/ phone, sms, email and calendar

    Upload a cool pic for your background

    Watch the Babylon AD trailer that is already on your device.

    Play word mole

    BTW, your signature needs revision. Don't think thats a true statement...
    11-25-08 12:07 PM
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    Thank you.
    11-25-08 12:32 PM
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    Open the browser, hit the menu button, choose Options, choose Browser Configuration, change "Browser Identification" to "Internet Explorer" (or "Firefox).
    11-25-08 12:33 PM