1. Curly62's Avatar
    Sorry about the newbie question.

    I have read all of post and your help has been great. Trying to go from .75
    to .148 storm 9530. I have installed DM, backed up third party apps, backed up the device, installed .148, deleted vendor.xml and now the software will not
    see my BB. Try DM and apploader both, I see it in My Computer but not in any BB software. I have restart both the PC and BB.

    Any help would be great. Really want to get .148 running and start using
    this BB the way it is supposed to work..

    05-23-09 01:45 PM
  2. storm_fan2009's Avatar
    Probably most of us have been there when we tried upgrades for the first time.

    Which Windows Op system are you using?

    I'm presuming, you're using Vista, then first take a look a c:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Research in Motion\Shared\Loader Files.
    You'll probably see one similar to "9530-v4.7.0.75_P4.0.0.94" and another that says, "9530- etc".

    The easiest method is to simply rename these two folders. Right click on the folder, and choose Rename, then rename the "9530-v4.7.0.75 etc" folder to "9530-v." (in other words, just add a 'dash 1').

    Next, rename the "9530-v4.7.0.148_" folder to the ".75" folder.

    Before I changed my .75 folder to '-1' I just clicked rename, and then did a right click 'copy' on the folder name, then after adding the '-1' to my ".75" folder, I then then pasted the ".75" folder name to my '.148' folder by just doing a right click, rename, paste.

    Now, you can either use the 'loader.exe' file which is "AppLoader" folder (c:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Research in Motion\AppLoader) or you can restart DM.

    Most of us prefer just using "loader.exe".

    Hope this helps.

    Again, be sure to back up all your apps, data, and 3d party apps.

    Also beware you are running 'beta' OS and it is not supported, although the support here in the forum is the greatest.

    Hope that helps.
    05-23-09 02:09 PM
  3. patches152's Avatar
    delete vendor.xml
    disconnect from internet
    if you're on vista, run DM "as administrator"

    if you have more questions, post again or you can PM/email me. address is in my sig.
    05-23-09 03:49 PM
  4. storm_fan2009's Avatar
    Well, curly62, how did it go? hope it's working well.
    05-24-09 03:58 PM
  5. gtstang462002's Avatar
    Well, curly62, how did it go? hope it's working well.
    Might not see curly again... Call it a hunch...
    05-24-09 04:39 PM
  6. patches152's Avatar
    why is that gtstang?
    05-24-09 05:49 PM