1. CBRick's Avatar
    My advice to everyone is just give it time. 1 day isn't enough! I stood in a line Friday morning (and just about froze to death), was #3 into the store and picked up my storm. My number one gripe at the time was that I couldn't even type on the keyboard. When I first tried composing emails/texts with it, it was absolutely TERRIBLE. My first thought was that with my fat fingers I will never make this work. 4 days later, I can absolutely fly with it. The more I use it, the better it gets!

    I have not had one crash this entire weekend. Used VZ Nav flawlessly to go to a wedding, and have been texting my **** off. Email configuration and usage is still flawless - both work and personal. Overall, two thumbs up from me.

    Note: To be fair, I will point out it is a little slower (than the other blackberry devices I've used) when navigating through menus and what not, but I'm not a power user so it really doesn't affect me.
    11-24-08 04:12 PM
  2. zackiv31's Avatar
    I want to second this post completely (I was also #3 freezing my *** off on day 1). I've thought about making a post to say how great it has been. If you believe in this device and give it a day to get used to writing/navigation, it is one **** of a device. I actually prefer it to others Iphones, and it can only get better with updates/apps, so I just look forward to this thing getting even better as time goes on. Maybe some users have a buggy version, or a somewhat unclickable screen, but if you do TAKE IT BACK.. its not suppose to be like that... My screen is magical and clicks everywhere, and works how I think RIM intended.
    11-24-08 04:21 PM
  3. BoneHead's Avatar
    HA! I was #1 in my line and also froze (of course I was there at 10:30 on Thursday night). I too have had a great experience with it.

    So far, so good. I did remove Visual Voicemal and VZ Navigator. It sped up my Storm a decent amount. Then I decided to try VV and found it to my liking so left it on. Found out that VZW will give you a free 30 trial to VZ Navigator, so installed that back.

    Phone once again is a bit slower (it seems VZ Navigator is the big issue there), but no where near what others are claiming.

    My screen works and looks flawless as well, with no napkins needed.
    11-24-08 04:25 PM
  4. jbmerr's Avatar
    I agree completely. I was #1 at the store in the area where I work and am getting used to the new menus and navigation and loving it. I did cancel my long time subscription to VZ Navigator because it didn't work worth a crap on my new Storm. Still using visual voice mail - I get lots of calls for work from numbers not in my phone so it is nice not to have to write any of them down and keep track of when people called, etc.
    11-24-08 04:32 PM
  5. Cole's Avatar
    I'm pretty happy with it. But the dust under screen problem sucks. All in all I like it.

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    11-24-08 04:34 PM
  6. speede541's Avatar
    I'm pretty pleased with mine. Only problems were one lockup in video mode (resulting in a corrupt video file), and another lock-up while using the camera while plugged in to the USB.

    It's taken me a little time to learn how to type, but I'm now typing at a good speed and with better accuracy than with my Curve.

    I had some trouble up front going back and editing text, but now I've got that figured out and it's horribly simple.

    Google Maps is way better and more useable on this device. Love it.

    We navigation was giving me fits at first, but then I slowed down and actually figured out how to zoom in, how to pull up (or hide) the controls toolbar, etc.

    Frankly, most of the issues people are complaining about are non-issues for me. No napkins. No severe battery drain. No voice quality problems. No screen rotation delays. No unresponsive screen presses.

    I'm giving myself through the Thanksgiving weekend to make sure I'm still liking it, before turning my trusty company-owned Curve in to the IT department.
    11-24-08 04:47 PM
  7. nobodeuno's Avatar
    Strange today I was syncing in the desktop manager and it asked if I wanted to do an application update...I said yes and it backed up everything and then updated something...my Storm is now blazing....anybody else have this deal...it took about an hour...
    11-24-08 04:52 PM