1. furgy667's Avatar
    I have been lurking around for the past 5 days since I got my new storm.Thought it was time to introduce my self. My last phone was a samsung i760 .I liked the phone but I never really realized how bad win mo was until I got the Storm. The factory interface was horrible and i purchased and hacked the phone to make it work like the HTC touch. This made the phone very unstable. The very best part of the i760 to me was the keyboard, and the number keys on the front .

    My boss wanted me to get a more stable phone and told me to get a BB.I could not be happier with the storm . I am trying to get used to sure type but I have poor spelling .I hope there aren't to many grammar cops on the forums because they will have a field day with me.

    App memory does seem to dwindle away as the day goes on . Starts out in the mid 30s and by the end of the day its about 22 or so. I really can't tell that this effects the phone to much though. I have installed quickpull and usually do a mid day reboot.

    All in all I love this phone. I look froward to getting to know you guys and will probably be a BB user from now on.

    02-07-09 08:50 AM
  2. shatiek's Avatar
    Welcome to the BB community. The Storm is a wonderful device. It will give you many days of pleasure and bliss. If you have any questions go ahead and post them. We have many experts here(not myself) who will give you the skinny or lead you to the right place to find your answer. Have a great day.
    02-07-09 08:54 AM