1. xxraffyxx's Avatar
    Amzer Desktop Cradle with Extra Battery Charging Slot For Blackberry - BlackBerry Storm 9530 - Fommy.com

    I have not ordered, but this looks promising. May no be as pretty as the OEM, but its not bad looking also those who have skins or cases might have better luck with this docking station.

    found cheaper!
    KiDiGi - BlackBerry Storm 9500 USB 2nd Battery Cradle
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    01-05-09 06:17 AM
  2. Optimusv2's Avatar
    Awesome, I'm buying this.
    01-05-09 06:19 AM
  3. Lylej2k's Avatar
    $60 bucks for a cradle? Wow! I think I'll wait until there's some competition out there and the price comes down a bit! lol. Looks nice though...
    01-05-09 06:46 AM
  4. zookeper3's Avatar
    $60 bucks for a cradle? Wow! I think I'll wait until there's some competition out there and the price comes down a bit! lol. Looks nice though...
    I agree, expensive
    01-05-09 06:58 AM
  5. jamesandyori's Avatar
    It's cool but my Verizon rep reminded me that such devices could damage the unit and that would void the warranty.

    01-05-09 09:15 AM
  6. Detective M Downs's Avatar
    Why worry about a warranty, if you have the insurance coverage?? I guess I'm assuming everyone has insurance.....
    01-05-09 09:35 AM
  7. 1magine's Avatar
    Sorry. I don't like it. I have 2 of the OEMs, (one in my office and one on my nightstand) and it's one of the few things about the Storm that was released flawlessly. I love them.
    01-05-09 09:42 AM
  8. NuclearPigeon's Avatar
    Pretty Cool
    01-05-09 09:43 AM
  9. MuDvAyNe's Avatar
    How would verizon know you are using the cradle even if you did buy it lol.

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    01-05-09 09:48 AM
  10. Jpike005's Avatar
    $60 seems expensive...im waiting for seidio to match one to the innocase
    01-05-09 10:07 AM
  11. kriptikchicken's Avatar
    Looks very cheap...
    01-05-09 10:25 AM
  12. T_Tronix's Avatar
    I want one with a keyboard!
    01-05-09 10:52 AM
  13. joyndev's Avatar
    i bought a cradle with battery charger on ebay for $5, guess i got lucky, it works great!
    01-05-09 11:07 AM
  14. Boldacious's Avatar
    At first glance, I thought $60 was a lot. But if you read the description, it comes with both a USB cable as well as a wall charger. The OEM unit does not. Once you add an OEM cable and charger to the OEM cradle, then the $60 for this unit does not look that expensive...
    01-05-09 11:15 AM
  15. Santangelo's Avatar
    I'm with Lylej2k -- $60 is way too much seeing as it doesn't even come with the spare battery.

    I saw a cradle like this on eBay with a battery for $27 ... but you put the phone in straight up and the charger is a little plug cord instead of built into the dock. I don't think my phone will fit in without taking it out of the case.
    01-05-09 11:21 AM
  16. pstellato73's Avatar
    Looks like Fommy.com is a ripoff. They are selling the OEM model for 49.95 when verizon sells it for 29.95. So 60 is way too much for this charger
    01-05-09 11:42 AM
  17. pkcable's Avatar
    There's another model available in the Crackberry story for about half the price. Does the same thing.

    01-05-09 11:48 AM
  18. CapnPIMP's Avatar
    Love the concept...
    01-05-09 12:06 PM
  19. Jfredrix's Avatar
    If I am reading this right (and I may not be) this is better than the one on Crackberry or the ones on eBay in that I think maybe this one will charge both your BlackBerry AND your extra battery at the same time just plugged into the wall (not the wall for the spare battery AND usb for the bb). This is better for me as I do not have a usb available bedside and I'd like to charge both at the same time.

    But I too don't want to spend $60.

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    01-05-09 03:09 PM
  20. Rooster's Avatar
    shoot! I already have 2 pods. I aint dropping 60 beans for another one... boo! it looks really nice. thanks for the info!
    01-05-09 03:11 PM
  21. BBStorm31's Avatar
    If you took the USB cable and wall charger out the equation, this cradle is around the same price as the OEM Verizon one…but that doesn’t mean it is a good price. You are paying $30 for the OEM cradle that only charges your phone. I charge my phone for free by using the wall charger the phone came with. Yeah it is cool to display your phone on the cradle but I don’t think it is worth the $30. The most I would pay for it would be $15.
    01-05-09 03:51 PM
  22. Jmack98's Avatar
    So does any one know of a CHEAP!!!! charger for the extra battery only I have only found a few of them and they are like 25-30 bucks that seems like a bit much if ya ask me! I have a spare battery but never seem to find time to get it charged up. I have a OEM cradle for my night stand and don't need one anywhere else so a cradle is excessive IMO!
    01-05-09 10:51 PM
  23. Jfredrix's Avatar
    I sent emails to Fommy and to Amzer to find out if the charger highlighted in the OP will charge both the battery and the Storm at the same time through a wall outlet ONLY. I have not heard from Amzer yet but I did get a reply from Fommy which says, "You can charge the Blackberry Storm device and the Spare battery simultaneously using Wall Charger." This is not a feature of the ones I have seen on eBay or on the Blackberry site. Those typically say something like "while you want to charge your BlackBerry Storm phone and the Spare Battery at the same time through the Cradle, you need to connect the Cradle to your computer and the AC Power Adapter at the same time".

    Now, these eBay ones are about $20 and the Amzer one is $60, but the point is that for those of you who would like a cradle charger somewhat like the OEM one, but that will also charge a battery while plugged in to the wall only, it is going to be available soon, and I suspect prices will start drop shortly thereafter.

    Here is the direct link to the Amzer one on their web site: AMZER :: Products :: Mobile Accessories :: Cases
    01-06-09 12:08 PM
  24. patrick64's Avatar
    A little to expensive for my taste. I'll wait for the competition to come out with something or wait for a price drop. Not paying $60 for this. Maybe $40 or less then I may buy it. Got the OEM cradle now and its doing its job.

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    01-06-09 12:24 PM
  25. kermalou's Avatar
    too expensive
    01-06-09 12:26 PM
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