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    Hi All,
    On the fence about moving to the storm, coming from a iphone gen1 that is unlocked and on tmobile. EDGE sucks to say the least. I am in chicago and it is so spotty as far as coverage. everything else about my iphone I love. I mostly use it for movies music and podcasts. also ebooks. I need to know a few things

    1) bookreader apps? I can convert my books into whatever format is needed
    2)podcast apps?
    3) mp3 uses id3 tags?
    4) can I seperate tv and movies? can I use file/folder structure or can it read media tags? I love this on my iphone

    thats about it. I know games are not good on storm, but any great ones? iphone is hard to beat but my workplace only allows Blckberry on their corporate network.
    05-17-09 10:59 PM