1. lunelli987's Avatar
    hey i tried installin the new .109 to my phone n everytime it gets to trying to boot device it comes up fatal error ...neone know what to do? pleaseee
    02-27-09 12:57 AM
  2. kaio's Avatar
    i was only able to get .109 to load through the DM once. but i've been experimenting with CrackMem and had to reload a couple times. now i can only load through CrackMem.

    it seems that after removing unused components, CrackMem can then either launch DM or do the install itself.

    i suggest giving CrackMem a try. have DM closed and, after confirming the OS you want to load, click wipe and follow the instructions. it'll wipe the device then use the launcher executable that came with the OS instead of going through DM.

    seems faster than loading through the DM too. give it a try. at this point you don't have much to loose.
    02-27-09 01:33 AM
  3. jmstelzer's Avatar
    try this...
    02-27-09 02:16 AM
  4. jmstelzer's Avatar
    02-27-09 02:16 AM
  5. littlegreenmen's Avatar
    easiest way to fix i think is just to wipe the phone using jl cmdr. reinstall OS using apploader.do not use DM. go to c/program files/common files/research in motion/apploader use that to install os. should clear up any problems. also make sure you uninstall old OS from pc.
    02-27-09 04:57 PM