1. StaticFX's Avatar
    bah.. that sucks.. it got to the reboot and BLAM

    A fatal error has occurred while updating your device's software. Please try again.

    Unspecified error encountered [J:0x00000008]
    it booted but got stuck on a screen - wouldnt let me click...
    bat pull and WOAH!! im not sure what I am looking at!???


    nothing works.. all modules missing.

    Damn.. gotta re-install everything now im sure - thank god for backups!

    EDIT:wait.. i forgot to uninstall the .607... lol! nice
    06-13-10 08:13 PM
  2. StaticFX's Avatar
    no wonder it boots fast now! lol

    question.. apploader did a backup.. how do I install that backup after I get this rollin again?

    nvm: dm.. right? duh on my part...
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    06-13-10 08:17 PM
  3. gtstang462002's Avatar
    It looks like you deleted the OEM theme file or it didn't get loaded. It needs to be in there as all other themes are built off of the zen theme.
    06-13-10 09:53 PM