1. chris46413's Avatar
    I downloaded facecall and loved it! I made the mistake of importing all contacts instead of just leaving the ones that only had pictures. I cannot get the app to just display the pic contacts again. Blacklisting would take way too long cause I would have to blacklist around 200 contacts and the process itself takes over a minute. I tried deleting the program and reinstalling it. Still all there. I tried limiting its access but eventually they all came back. Did battery pull between everything but those damn pictureless contacts are still there. I am just too curious for my own good cause now the app is useless with the amount of contacts in it. Any suggestions?
    02-24-09 04:52 PM
  2. khanusma's Avatar
    Same problem happened to me and now the program is useless, and uninstalled
    02-24-09 05:06 PM
  3. LukeWilly's Avatar
    If you upgrade your OS then when you turn your phone back on then all the pictureless ones are gone. I personally like all my contacts there, So i know who i need to take pictures of
    02-24-09 05:20 PM
  4. cavfreak1's Avatar
    how do you get the pictures on the name
    03-02-09 08:41 PM
  5. chris46413's Avatar
    All you do is save the picture you want for that contact in your contact folder. Then go into facecall and click refresh address book. It should add a face. If you did what I did and imported all contacts only to realize that the app now serves no purpose because its more inconvenient then your contact folder, unistall app, and then reinstall your OS. After that download the app again and it works. Thank you person above for that advice!
    03-02-09 10:03 PM
  6. kermalou's Avatar
    I was just gonna post the same thing.

    It's not only this app that I have this problem with.

    Maybe you need to uninstall and delete from the DM? The app is storing the info somewhere, just have to find where.
    03-03-09 02:41 AM