07-10-10 02:01 PM
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  1. ottoman500's Avatar
    So ETrade only lists current Blackberry models that will run ETrade Mobile Pro. I asked at a Verizon store and they said that the OS on the Storm is 4.5, the same as the Bold. Which from what I read here is wrong. But if it would run on 4.5, what are the chances it would run on a new Storm? And how long would you guess it would take for an update from ETrade so it would work?

    ETrade Mobile Pro is the #1 reason for me to upgrade to a Blackberry. Thanks.
    11-20-08 05:05 PM
  2. TunedFish's Avatar
    Try the link in this thread. I tired it on the storm and it works, but its not optimized for the storm.

    11-22-08 02:53 AM
  3. viajero78728's Avatar
    I installed Etrade Mobile Pro on my Storm using the link in the above mentioned thread.

    It runs in Compatibility Mode - always portrait orientation, SureType keyboard always up, tiny screen.

    Everything I tried worked, but not in the usual touch screen fashion. You scroll by sliding your finger the opposite way, i.e. slide your finger down to make the content scroll up, like a scroll bar. You select buttons or text entry fields by sliding your finger around to highlight what you want, then pressing the return key.

    After I switched to another application and back, it hung every time I tried to load any content, such as quotes or news.

    Given the general quirkiness of it, I decided not to try making any trades. I'll wait until a Storm-specific version comes out.
    11-26-08 09:27 PM
  4. CountBerry's Avatar
    When I use the link mentioned, it starts to download but then gives me an error that says Download failed "907 Invalid COD file not found". Does any one know how to get around this to install on the Storm??
    12-04-08 11:08 PM
  5. staggerlee's Avatar
    I just received a reply from E-Trade to my inquiry as to when a Storm specific version of Mobile Pro would be out. Here is what they said

    Thank you for message regarding the ability to use our E*TRADE Mobile PRO on the Blackberry Storm for account XXXX-XXXX. Our tech team is working on getting a version out for the Blackberry Storm that should be released by the end of this summer.

    Guess we will have to wait a while...
    03-04-09 09:45 AM
  6. moon47usaco's Avatar
    I use istockmanager.com on my storm and it flat out rocks compared to e*trades limited mobile pro application... Unfortunately you MUST have a TDAmeritrade account to use it...

    This link provided here copied form the post mentioned above works IF YOU ENTER IT INTO YOUR BB BROWSER... You can not dl the jad file to your computer and transfer it to your BB card it must go into phone memory...

    NOTE: the link has a space after https: because i can not post links yet... =]
    https: //mobile.etrade.com/mobilepro/4_2/ETradeMobilePro.jad

    The application works fine but is limited in nature... Not complete account or portfolio information by any means... i guess it is better then nothing but having to wait till the end of the summer just for an optimized version of this limited software is pretty sad on e*trades part... My thoughts are that if they are partnered so closely with BB that they should have had an application ready when the Storm hit the streets not half a year later... =[

    Maybe by then mobile pro will get a face lift as it desperately needs it to compete with istockmanager... Here is hoping for the best... =]

    NOTE: The major limitations i found for this app not being optimized are:

    1. You must navigate as if your screen was a BB scroll wheel like the ones on the curve etc. This makes for very jumpy and uneasy navigation...

    2. There is a major flaw with placing an order that consists of dollar amounts and this is a flaw from BB side and will be fixed with the new system update whenever that may be. The flaw is that there is NO number "1" and it is replaced by a period. The workaround would be to use landscape mode where there is both a number "1" and a period but there is no landscape mode with the un-optimized version...

    EDIT>>> If you are using a leaked beta OS the problem with entering dollar amounts or amounts with a decimal point there is a "1" and a "." so this should be fixed in the next official OS update as well... =]
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    03-26-09 08:23 AM
  7. 312's Avatar
    THIS is why we haven't seen the app for the Storm yet.
    04-27-09 11:30 AM
  8. Advntrous1's Avatar
    Goto TD ameritrade. Their istockmanager is amazing. Plus etrades customer service sucks.

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    04-27-09 12:04 PM
  9. 312's Avatar
    Goto TD ameritrade. Their istockmanager is amazing. Plus etrades customer service sucks.

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    Well...that's your personal opinion and really has nothing to do with the app. I have iStockManager too. It's cool. I use SpeedTrader, ToS, and Zecco too- but, I actually haven't had trouble with e*trade the few times I've called CS.
    04-27-09 12:16 PM
  10. moon47usaco's Avatar
    THIS is why we haven't seen the app for the Storm yet.
    I am pretty upset to see that eTrade leaped right over the Storm and went straight for the iPhone...

    It seems to me that the upgrading of the software to be usable on the Storm would have been an easier task then writing a new app for the iPhone... =[

    iStockManager is a really awesome tool and i loved using it... Everone has problems with some company at one point and i had problems with AMeritrade customer service and have since left them for eTrade only to be skipped over on software for the iPhone... =[

    But seeing how iStockManager was made for the iPhone first then was modified to work on the Storm and other BB's maybe there is a brand new shiny app for the Storm waiting to roll out shortly from eTrade... =]

    Here is hoping for the best... =]

    04-28-09 08:01 AM
  11. moon47usaco's Avatar
    Recived a reply form eTrade about the storm...

    Thank you for your message regarding Mobile Pro for the Storm.

    The Blackberry Storm, due to inherent differences in how you interact with the phone and the OS has required further development and testing. We have a target for release of the platform of the first half this year. Please continue to check back for updates. Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns. Thank you.
    This seems to confirm the date that staggerlee posted in March...

    ...should be released by the end of this summer.
    Ahhhhh the agony of waiting... =]
    04-28-09 08:53 PM
  12. moon47usaco's Avatar
    As the summer comes to a close etade still has not given Storm users an alternative... =[
    08-12-09 05:22 PM
  13. 312's Avatar
    No kidding wtf. Anyone know if it works on the Tour?
    08-12-09 09:47 PM
  14. Brockmant's Avatar
    I know. It does not make any sense as to why they will not give one to Storm users. After all it is a BlackBerry.

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    08-13-09 09:19 AM
  15. staggerlee's Avatar
    I had saved the initial reply I got from E-Trade regarding Mobile Pro for the Storm by the end of the summer. I just sent them a follow-up to that message asking if they can please provide an update. I will post their response here as soon as I get it.
    08-13-09 12:41 PM
  16. joryoung's Avatar
    I emailed E*trade and they told me about a year before an update will be released mind you this was around march.
    08-13-09 12:56 PM
  17. staggerlee's Avatar
    This is the response I got from Etrade last night (8/13/09). Not what we were looking for

    Thank you for your message regarding the availability of mobile pro on the Black Berry Storm. At this time the only information we got from marketing is that sometime later this year it will be available.

    See my post further up for the previous answer I got from them in March, in which they said the end of the summer.
    08-14-09 08:24 AM
  18. yehaww's Avatar
    What's the latest? I can't believe they're so far behind the curve on this.
    10-01-09 06:20 PM
  19. prius04's Avatar
    I think we've already heard the latest, which is somewhat discouraging but, frankly, should come as no real surprise. After all, the Storm is basically a VZW phone and they're "partnered" with AT&T.
    10-02-09 02:20 PM
  20. bugburrow's Avatar
    I sent etrade a question about this issue, and they said etrade mobile pro for storm will be released sometime in Q4 of 2009
    10-04-09 07:02 PM
  21. Gregg421's Avatar
    Q4 of '09 about over...no app for Storm as of 12/7/09...think they're all full of it!
    12-07-09 04:58 AM
  22. prius04's Avatar
    I agree but I would hasten to add that a Storm app is probably the last thing with which they're concerned (considering their stock price, bad loans, and the general disarray in terms of corporate leadership).
    12-07-09 01:14 PM
  23. bugburrow's Avatar
    Etrade finally released a beta version of MobilePro for BB Storm 1 and 2 today. I've downloaded it onto my Storm 1 and it works ok so far.
    02-08-10 06:20 PM
  24. jpepping's Avatar
    Etrade finally released a beta version of MobilePro for BB Storm 1 and 2 today. I've downloaded it onto my Storm 1 and it works ok so far.
    Hmmm, I could not find it for my Storm1 it keeps saying device not supported do you have a link?


    02-09-10 08:43 AM
  25. bugburrow's Avatar
    It was released by special invitation only to selected Etrade customers. It is still in trial mode. Contact Etrade to find out if they can invite you
    02-09-10 01:13 PM
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