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    keep getting error code 0x80040fb3 when trying to sync. New BB Storm 9550 user. Any ideas?
    01-20-11 04:38 PM
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    keep getting error code 0x80040fb3 when trying to sync. New BB Storm 9550 user. Any ideas?
    What are you trying to sync with?

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    01-21-11 04:50 AM
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    Hi free agent

    Have you tried one of these procedure to solve this problem:
    Error codes and solutions: Blackberry Storm: error code 0x80040fb3 ?

    Good luck !

    01-21-11 12:03 PM
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    jayberry - trying to sync with Outlook 7 on VISTA.
    01-21-11 01:23 PM
  5. free agent's Avatar
    jann31 - I am not technically to try some of those instructions. Some make no sense to me. I may be in over my head.
    01-21-11 01:25 PM
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    Here is a more time efficient solution I figured out for addressing the dreaded Error code 0x80040fb3.

    Other suggestions for addressing "offending Outlook contacts" that trigger Error code 0x80040fb3 recommend exporting your contacts to Excel to review and correct them, however there are drawbacks to that approach in that the Outlook Excel Exporter / Importer does not support all Outlook fields and the process is generally a pain.

    I found that if I ran an Advanced Find in Outlook that returned all Outlook contacts and then used the "Field Chooser" to add columns to that search result, I can identify and fix the "offending Contacts" that trigger the Error code 0x80040fb3, right in Outlook without the need for exporting and importing.

    After running an "Advanced Find" that returns all Outlook contacts, access the "Field Chooser" by right clicking on the column headings. Click the drop down box arrow in the upper right of the "Field Chooser" box and select "E-mail Fields".

    Drag and drop all the E-mail fields onto the column heading of the search result to add those E-mail fields to the search results. The fields are: E-mail Display As, E-mail Address Type, E-mail2; E-mail Display As2, E-mail Address Type2, E-mail3; E-mail Display As3, E-mail Address Type3. FYI, the field "E-mail" should already be in the column headings as a default field from the search results.

    For easier reading, arrange the above fields in order and grouping by their respective email numbers, i.e., E-mail; E-mail Display As and E-mail Address Type next to each other, then E-mail2; E-mail Display As2, E-mail Address Type2 next to each other and so on for the E-mail3 fields.

    Now you can scroll down the Advanced Find report and easily spot E-mail address, E-mail Displays and E-mail Types that trigger the Error code 0x80040fb3. When you spot one, double click on that Contact record to make the fix to that record. FYI, once the offending Contact record is opened, many times the e-mail related data in the Contact record looks fine, but it still needs to be refreshed or retyped if it did not look right in the Advanced Find report.

    Often the issue is a bad "E-mail Display As" entry, and the easy solution is once the Contact record is open simply delete the "E-mail Display As" text and click anywhere else in the record and Outlook will insert the corrected data in the field, then save the record and you will see the updated record in the Advanced Find report. Continue doing this for all records in the Advanced Find report that need fixing.

    See the BB KB article for a description for what to look for in each record. But in addition to items listed in this BB KB article, you need to look for ANY of the E-mail fields above that are not in proper order. You may also want to clean up address fields just to be sure. KB14818-"Error encounter. Error code – 0x80040fb3. Check documentation” appears during a wired synchronization with the BlackBerry Desktop Software

    I was looking for a solution to the dreaded Error code 0x80040fb3 without having to deal with exporting and the related complications and shortcomings, the above saved a considerable amount of time.

    It is inexcusable that RIM's DM syching routine is so rudimentary as to kill the DM sych when it runs across an Outlook Contact that has one field that is "non-compliant". Any decently written software would have the capability to "mark" the "non-compliant" record, complete the synch for the remaining "compliant" records and report on which records are "non-compliant" so the user can in a time efficient manner address such records.

    This type of incompetency is par for the course for RIM's software development teams. RIM seems to be completely oblivious to the number of man hours, (measured in DAYS), its customers are spending trying to figure out how to solve or work around RIM's never-ending bugs and sub-par engineering!
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    02-10-11 09:09 PM
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    thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I have been struggling with the "uninstalled address book" for days. i finally got that fixed with a wipe and a restore, only to get the error code. I thought I would lose it. Your solution took a while (looking through all the contacts), but it worked!!!!
    02-15-11 08:42 PM