1. Adrenaline's Avatar
    Just got back from vacation and I was finally going to get to wipe my phone and install .85.

    While I was backing up my phone, i got the unfortunately too familiar "Error Backing up Database(s)" message. I narrowed it down to my messages and I proceeded to search on the forum. Most people said, find the library that is the problem and just uncheck it. That's lame enough but ok it's a work around if it's say, map addresses or browser cache, but this is my EMAIL messages? What kind of back up is that if i cant back up my messages?

    I searched the forums and tried at least 3 different things I found on the forum, clear browser cache, clear memory, an elaborate "disconenct/reconnect phone open/close DM" dance that seemed to work for some people and still no dice. I think I may have tried something else but by that time i was starting to get pissed and finally i said forget it i can just live without my emails on the phone.

    It wasn't a total loss as my mail client is gmail so i still have all my messages but still. WHAT IS THE PROBLEM HERE? Does anyone have an indication as to WHY this happens? It's not as though the archive is corrupt because i can still see all my messages in my phone. Why can I not back them up?? That is total b0llsh!t. I just wanted to be done with it so I proceeded without backing up my messages but I am quite pissed.

    This happened once before but I didn't bother to proceed with the backup because i didnt want to be bothered. In the end, I performed all the necessary steps, and .85 is running smoothly sans old messages.

    Is it the phone? were my messages corrupted? Is it DM? It's jsut so effing stoopid!!

    Kay thanks, got that off my chest..

    01-05-09 07:33 PM
  2. lazyboyx15's Avatar
    same problem! i have 500+ emails including work and personal. I don't want to lose them!!! very frustrating!
    02-12-09 12:54 AM
  3. kuroshio's Avatar
    I had this shortly after first getting the Storm. I never found a way around it unfortunately.

    And despite the fact that you can still view the messages, I'd still suspect that yes the archive is corrupted.
    02-12-09 02:45 AM