1. mbr's Avatar
    I have backed up my storm before with out a hitch, this time it gets as far as "autotext data version" and gives an error message of "Error baking up databasees"
    I need to get this backed up because I have a replacement storm and need to transfer everything over to the new one.

    any help would be greatly appreciated.
    03-02-09 09:56 AM
  2. Toxa's Avatar
    Go to browser, click the menu button, then select options, then Cache Operations, and then clear everything except passwords. Try to back up again, that will do the trick 99% of the time
    03-02-09 09:59 AM
  3. ScootD's Avatar
    Try going to Browser>BB button>Option>cache operations and then clear all of the items listed. After that try backing up again. It worked for me.
    03-02-09 10:01 AM
  4. mbr's Avatar
    you guys are awesome. thank you very much. My snowy monday has been saved
    03-02-09 10:12 AM