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    Dear all:

    I know many people have been reported this issue previously, but nobody seems to find the right solution for me........

    Im trying to download some BB Storm themes from crackberry pages via OTA, and Im always having the same issue " Error 907 invalid cod"

    I have found one solution for this issue but it is still very tedious. I download them to my PC, I rename the COD file to .ZIP and then I extract every single cod file. After, I create Jad files for any of the cod files descompressed.

    As you can imagine this is not the right way to do things,...... and it takes too much time

    People said this is a common error for OTA files bigger than 54K...

    But HOw can It be that I can not download ant specific BLackberry Storm theme if these themes are specially created for BB Storm....???

    Im running Vodafoe Greece Release .100

    Sorry IM lost

    Thanks in advance
    03-04-09 02:33 AM