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    what makes you ePeen bigger.

    a storm or an iphone?

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    11-21-08 12:31 PM
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    For those who don't know...

    1. e-peen
    internet slang for ego, pride, or attitude in the virtual world. long standing net definition for the age old "bigger *****" arguement.
    "SW III was nothing but a bunch of Lucas e-p33n."

    "I just slaughtered 28 people in that game of Battlefield 2 and never died. Man my e-p33n feels huge."

    2. e-peen
    e - meaning online
    peen - short for *****

    A person's ego, pertaining exclusively to their online personality.

    e.g. a big e-peen = a big online ego.

    Unlike rl-peens (i.e. a real life *****), e-peens are 'flexed', brandished, whipped around, (or otherwise used) with unfailing regularity.

    Another difference between e-peens and rl-peens are that e-peens can shrink and grow exorbitantly, i.e. more than a regular ***** would with an ********.
    By saying that all those players are nubs, you are just flexing your e-peen.
    11-21-08 12:34 PM