06-02-09 05:45 PM
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  1. Curis's Avatar
    It was all in good fun, Radio.

    I have, on multiple occasions in the past, stated my appreciation for the information that you do provide, however vague or tantalizing it might be. And I appreciate it still.
    06-02-09 06:07 AM
  2. radioguinea's Avatar
    Well you guys saw which model I was alluding to. Its in the rumors section
    06-02-09 08:10 AM
  3. Prashil's Avatar
    LOL, good point , i guess it dosent matter if you win by an inch or a mile .. winning is winning ..... or atleast i heard that somewhere lol
    i know! I know!! It was from the Fast and the furious...the scene where vin diesel won the race with paul walker and paul was all laughing and was like "I almost beat you"...what a dusch bag
    06-02-09 05:42 PM
  4. slowpokeberry's Avatar
    it was a good review tho even if they were the only ones who did it...
    06-02-09 05:45 PM
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