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    Has anyone ever had a situation in which the phone vibrates and briefly shows the new email symbol, but then it disappears and no email comes through? I thought this was an issue with stopmail, so i deleted it, restarted the phone, and it continues to happen.

    Emails are coming through to my accounts, but not to my phone.

    Thank you.
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    04-23-10 09:23 AM
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    On your desktop (or web) client, do you have a rule that is possibly moving these messages to a different folder?

    This sounds like what used to happen with my work email when I had a rule set up to automatically move all messages from a particular contact to an archive folder. The message would show up on my BB for a second, and then disappear as soon as my Outlook rule processed the message and moved it out of my inbox.
    04-23-10 09:43 AM
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    Thats an interesting idea. I don't think so because i have never had an issue before, it literally just started happening. I even turned berry mail off to try and avoid rules on the phone.

    Its just odd that the phone will vibrate for half a second, show the symbol, and then take it away.
    04-23-10 09:49 AM