1. romajr86's Avatar
    So it seems throughout the day that sometimes I get email fine, and other times I don't.
    I don't always receive everything that mozilla thunderbird receives on my pc. Does anyone else experience this? Sometimes i send an email from a gmail acct that I have online to the acct set up on my BB and it never gets it, but thunderbird does. Do you think its a problem with the mail host server pushing email to both t-bird and to my BB device?

    I know that if I get an email on my BB, and open thunderbird afterwards, thunderbird has it also...so if there is a problem it seems more with my BB then with the mail host (or whatever its called).

    I also sent a text to my BB from the email acct on thunderbird on my PC and so far 2 hours have gone by and didnt receive anything. Im gonna try a batter pull and see if anything gets received after.

    If anyone has any input, please let me know!
    And if your input is, "i don't know much about it..sorry" just dont post. It saves time for everyone )
    01-20-09 08:12 PM