1. anon(1492514)'s Avatar
    Hi guys,

    I hate myself for having to post this because I thought I could always sort something like email out on my own. However, my experience, and after surfing the forums, I am still stuck.

    My university email was being pushed to my BlackBerry fine until middle of yesterday when they promptly stopped for some reason... I resent the Service Books, which were received, and reactivated myself on the network via Host Routing Table, reinstalled my email address, but still no luck!

    Does anyone have any idea?

    04-27-10 03:02 AM
  2. MobileMadness002's Avatar
    Tell us what your school did to their email server to break this relationship. Did they install an ISS server or update it? Did they run auto updates on the server? Is your BB able to access the internet and are you able to get email from other sources? Like GMail or Hotmail.

    A little more information other than "they promptly stopped for some reason" would be very useful. For that matter what did your email admin have to say when you asked them if there was an issue?
    04-27-10 06:28 AM