1. mtoomey79's Avatar
    This may sound like a no brainer right out the gates, but bear with me.

    I am using the gmail sync application for my main email account, but have multiple gmail addresses set up on BIS for my BB.

    For this scenario, we will call "A1" my personal email account and "B2" my professional email account.

    In an effort to streamline things both on my BB and in front of a laptop, I forwarded my B2 email to my A1 email. Simple enough and in front of a laptop works like it should. On my BB, it comes to both my combined message inbox as well as my A1 inbox. Clicking on the email in either inbox will display the message correctly, indicating the message was originally sent to B2.

    The trouble begins when I hit reply. The default email address for all messages is A1, which is the default option when I choose to reply to said forwarded message. However, I am unable to change from the default (A1) to any other email accounts on my BB.

    I would like to figure out what weird setting I have that is slightly off, that is not allowing me to be able to reply to messages that were sent to B2, forwarded to A1, with the B2 account. If I can do on a laptop, it stands to reason I should be able to do it on my BB.

    Any help is appreciated in advance.

    06-16-10 04:38 PM
  2. mtoomey79's Avatar
    And to make it a little more weird, just got an automated message telling me my account password on BIS for B2 was wrong and needed to be updated.
    06-16-10 04:41 PM
  3. carlos31820's Avatar
    There may be a better way to do this but try this. Instead of doing "reply", try doing "forward". Whenever I forward a message, I am able to select any of my BIS email accounts as the sending account. Replies, however, seem to default to the receiving address.
    06-16-10 04:45 PM
  4. mtoomey79's Avatar
    That's funny.

    Just as forward works, so does reply to all.

    What a weird little glitch and accompanying hack.

    06-16-10 04:57 PM
  5. carlos31820's Avatar
    Interesting. My Storm only lets me select the sending address when using forward but not reply to all. Maybe its because I'm on OS and not the official Verizon OS.

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    06-16-10 06:34 PM
  6. JRSCCivic98's Avatar
    By default you CANNOT change the From address to another account on the handheld if you do a Reply to an email. As indicated above, you must pick Forward to change the From address field. It's always been like this. Not really a bug if you think about it.
    06-17-10 01:15 AM