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    Hey everyone. Its my first post to the forums and im hoping to get some assistance as well as greet folks!

    I just switched to a 9930 and realized i have 3 other blackberry devices that i would LOVE to get the contacts out of. Now what i had planned to do was some how get the contacts from each device to my desktop and then manage them that way. Delete duplicates, ex's, and contacts i no long want/need. So right now i am starting with my 9550. I have it plugged in and the desktop manager is loaded up. How do i bring the contacts to the desktop now?

    Im hoping that what ever advice i receive helps me with each phone. Im sure it cant be too different for each device.

    Thanks all and HELLLOOOOOOO from Hollywood.
    08-23-12 03:28 PM
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    it should be possible you could bluetooth the entire contact list over and then edit in outlook to remove the ones you don't want or need probably fastest way i can think of
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    08-23-12 04:36 PM
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    So i figured out how to get everything on the desktop. I used the desktop manager and sent everything to yahoo. That yahoo account is also registered on my phone. So this is much easier to manage as i can make all of the edits on the computer.

    Now my issue is getting those edits to appear on my phone. As of right now it seems that every number is on my phone. I tried to make some edits then sync again thru desktop from yahoo to phone and it did the opposite despite me instructing it to do the other. If i make edits how can i tell my 9930 to reflect those edits i made on the desktop?

    Can it be done wireless?

    08-24-12 02:25 PM