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    I am a Blackberry Newbie and not particularly computer literate; that is, I have numerous problems performing what for others are simple operations. This is especially true with my Storm when the downloads must go to the PC first.

    I purchased the Sherlock Holmes set and have been unable to download it successfully. Of course the books must be unzipped. i downloaded Winzip for this and went through what I thought was the unzipping process. The supposedly unzipped files have blank icons before the titles. I am suspicious the start of my problems may be improper unzipping but I'm not certain.

    At any rate, the titles appear on my PC along with the BBreader. In Desktop Manager I drug the files into my media card and they appear there when I open the document section on that card (not ceratin that is the correct file for E-books but that's where I dumped them) as does the reader but I can't find any of it on my Storm. I had expected to find the reader in Downloads along with other apps I successfully loaded but it is not there. Should it be. The books are no where on the Media card though, as I said, they show up there when I am in Desktop Manager.

    There is a group of COD files related to my Holmes download on the PC. I have no idea what they are despite Googling COD. The explanations used terms I would have had to Google leading me in an endless search.
    02-15-09 08:34 AM